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With many years of experience, Susan K. Howards has been advocating for clients with an extensive nationwide practice focused on Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence and Discrimination. Susan is a former college professor with a Ph.D. from Boston College. She is a Fulbright Hays Scholar and a member of Alpha Sigma Nu, the Jesuit Honor Society. Susan attended Suffolk University Law School and is a member of Phi Delta Phi and the Massachusetts Bar.

Her success is due to persistence, patience, and PREPARATION.

Every phone call is returned as soon after received as possible . There is no charge for first half hour of consultation.


Criminal Defense

A proper defense ensures that your rights are protected and you receive fair treatment under the law. Susan works in criminal defense in order to help guarantee that justice is served for all members of the community. If you are facing criminal charges, call Susan immediately to obtain representation. 

Probation and Parole

Developing fair terms of parole and/or probation, and understanding them completely, is essential to avoiding violating the terms of your release. Susan can help you navigate parole and probation hearings in order to get you a fair deal. 


Susan works on cases at Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. The areas Susan focuses on include but are not limited to age, sex , gender preference, religion, disability, public accommodation, sexual harassment, bullying, and employment discrimination

Domestic Violence

If you are involved in a domestic violence incident, call Susan to obtain representation. Domestic violence situations can be complex, and Susan can help with many pieces, including but not limited to:

  • Developing Safety Plans
  • Restraining Orders (obtaining, dismissing, violations)
  • DCF appeals
  • Elder abuse situations



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